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Subnautica: Kelp Forest Pack


   My Project:

Based off of the fun under water game "Subnautica", by Unknown Worlds Entertainment. This is my 4th Subnautica set and this is a remake of my Subnautica: Kelp Forest Ambush. It comes with detailed fauna and flora from the game as well as a seaglide.


The lone survivor Ryley Robinson has found himself in the kelp forest and two stalker stop him right away. Will he lure the the hungry beasts away with metal or will they get the best of him? You decide! 


1: Ryley Robinson minifigure with helmet and hair

2: Fauna, four Peepers, three Rabbid Rays, and two Stalkers

3: Flora, three Creepvine and a Eye Stalk

4: Machinery, Seaglide, Red Vents, and broken part of a ship



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