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Provence Lavender Fields Villa

Do you see those colors? Do you smell that perfume? Do you feel that calm?

Welcome to the lavender fields of Provence, this small corner of France where time seems to stop, and this magical atmosphere is created.

In this villa, with a house made of stone through which several generations of families have passed, is one of the many lavender fields that you can find in these lands. The family that now lives here is dedicated to growing lavender and collecting it to later take it to the town, where they possibly buy it to make perfumes. The older generation has taught the younger one how to grow it, and now they take a break under the porch.

With this design I want to convey that tranquility of a house in the countryside, where time seems to stop, and the days are longer, with a porch where you can enjoy with the family, a lavender field to cultivate, some pine trees that move with the wind, a small river where the water sounds and the frogs croak, squirrels that come and go, birds chirping... this is tranquility!

The project has 2,430 pieces, with 6 minifigures included.

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Thank you very much and keep building!

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