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Stamford Bridge Stadium

This is the home stadium of the famous English Premier League soccer team Chelsea.
Not only the football stadium, but also the Chelsea hotel next to the stadium.

I was sorry that the color expression in the LDD was not natural, but there is a real picture.

I like to play soccer with Lego and love to cooperate.

I wanted to create 11 professional soccer fields in Korea and create a world soccer field at the same time for those who love football and lego.

United's Old Trafford was officially launched, but there are numerous arenas in the world. For many Lego and football lovers, you can have fun while playing Lego and football together through the soccer field of several teams.

This is the fifth stadium in the English football stadium after 11 Korean football fields. Later, we will build a stadium for prestigious teams, including Spain, Germany, France and the Netherlands.

I think this is a good piece in a series like architecture skyline series.

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