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The Desert Viper


        In 2170, deep in the Dune War, regular military vehicles could not operate in the dusty and sandy environments of the deserts. The Allied states needed a vehicle to take on the enemy technology and survive the harsh desert conditions. The answer to the problem was the Desert Viper. The Mk.7 Desert Viper T is a snake-themed Mech. It defends major capitals and engages enemy Mechs. It towers over 80 feet high, striking down enemy Mechs with its massive Heavy Concussion Launcher. When another Mech comes to challenge the Desert Viper, it doesn't back down. It wields a long charged Brassinum-Steel sword to chop enemy Mechs in half!

        This set is fully articulated. The shoulders can turn vertically and horizontally, and the elbows bend vertically. The torso revolves 360°. The thighs can turn vertically and horizontally, and the knees bend vertically. The ankles also bend vertically. The model is about 8 inches tall.


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