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Tony Stark's Workshop


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Hi~ My project is called Tony Stark's Workshop, I know this is not the only Iron Man theme project here, but as I have seen, most of the builders focusing on the Hall of Armor only, while my project is taking Tony Stark's workshop/garage as a whole and I hope to make the model looks and feels more complete.

By no mean this is the perfect copy of the movie set, rather I am trying to integrate the materials from the movie, the ideas from the original Lego set, and of course my own ideas too. I am trying to make it looks good for adult collectors' eyes but also playable for kids.

As can be seen, there are 5 armor storeage "wardrobes" in my model, if this project will make it to the official release stage, then it will be a pretty good opportunity to release Iron Man MK I to V armor. It will be a very deluxe set.

Here is the details of what you will find in this set and its features.

1/ The Hall of Armor consist of 5 armor storeage "wardrobes", and from left to right, the first four of them are explodable like the original Iron Man set 76007. It can be activated by pulling 2 sets of handle on the back of the Hall of armor. One of the windows can also pop off like in the original Lego set 76007.

2/ The set comes with Tony Stark's robotic assistants "Dum e" and "Dum u", they are my own original design, it looks alike their movie counterparts and have good range of motion.

3/ Tony Stark's desk is still here, and it is also rotatable.

4/ The lift/platform like you saw in the movie, Tony can test MK 42 on it.

5/ Tony Stark's hotrod also comes with the set, Tony can sit in it comfortably

6/ There are 6 equipment tables, you can place it anywhere you want. You can recreate the MK 42 testing scene with them

7/ There are plenty of little details that you can play with, such as a garage trolley with tools, a big black tool storeage/cabinet (those drawers won't open, but the cabinet can be easily removed from its place and you can place it anywhere in the workshop in case if you want to recreate the scene from the movie), a lab table with a hi tech looking monitor, a few pieces of Tony's workshop equipments that you saw in the movie, a Kung Fu Dummy that Tony played with in the movie and of course a pantry like you had in the original set 76007, a red sofa and so much more, do see it for yourself.

This can be a fun set for adults and kids, I hope it can earn your support. Thank you!

The truth behind this project is......... I love Iron Man!











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