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Offshore Oil Rig

Welcome aboard the offshore oil rig! Inspired by real life drilling platforms, this marvel of modern engineering is packed full of realistic details and functional play features that stretch across all four levels of this floating megastructure…

Level 1: Drilling & Extraction
  • Explore the maze of pipes and maintenance walkways that overlook the central extraction pipe.
  • Release the emergency lifeboat with a quick release mechanism that shoots it straight into the sea!
Level 2: Working Pneumatic System
  • Power up the platform with a functional pneumatic compressor that generates pressurised air and distributes it through a network of pipes that lead to storage tanks and a pneumatic cargo crane!
  • Assemble the drilling pipe in the heart of the oil rig, under the supervision of the driller’s control room opposite.
Level 3: Cargo Crane & Living Quarters
  • Operate the working cargo crane with extendable boom arms and a rotating base that allow you to unload crew and cargo from the supply vessel below.
  • Colourful shipping containers house cosy bunk beds and stockpiles of provisions.
Level 4: Helipad
  • Admire the view from the top of the derrick, the highest point on the oil rig.
  • Fly away in style on the offshore helicopter with seats for two minifigures!

I think this would make a great LEGO set because it showcases the possibilities of combining Technic elements with regular bricks to create a design that is both highly detailed and fully functional. This would also make a good educational set for anyone interested in engineering and science, as well as being a unique display piece that is unlike anything else currently available.

Thank you & I appreciate your support!

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