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Jeep Wrangler


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Few car companies have one car that is so iconic that all you have to say is the brand name and people will instantly know what you are talking about. This car isn’t just a Jeep. It is THE Jeep. And for that reason, I have chosen to make it.

At first, I intended to go for the 2020 Jeep Wrangler. But because the the newer ones have softer edges, this looked a bit more like the older, sharper Wrangler design. However, it hardly matters, as the basic shape hasn’t really changed. Additionally, the scale changed during the design process. Originally, it was going to be smaller, but I realized I wanted something that you wouldn’t find in LEGO Speed Champions, so I made it a bit bigger. With the increase in size, adding details became easier as well.  I was planning on adding doors and a roof, and may do so in the future (check for updates), but I was not sure I had enough red for that. Anyways, the design makes doors difficult to add in. A roof wouldn’t be so hard, but for now I’ll leave it without either.

10 studs wide with wheel covers (8 without)
18 studs long
8 bricks tall

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