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Tomodachi Life Modular Apartment Building


Explore the world of Tomodachi Life like never before! Recreated in LEGO bricks, the video-game-turned-soap-opera becomes a veritable doll's house containing all kinds of carpeting, furniture, doorways... everything can be removed, interchanged and mix-and-matched thanks to the beautiful design of the LEGO brick. And the best part? It's modular, so you can add citizens to the apartment building at whim!

In this design, the set comprises two 'room' modules (see pic 1 - note that the red part represents the door which can be seen when the door is opened in-game), 3 'interior' modules with lots of removable furniture (pics 2 - 'Natural Wood'; 3 - 'Bathhouse'; and 4 - 'Lab') and 2 mii-nifigs (pic 5). Bathhouse comes with a flesh-coloured 2x1 plate with 1 stud to attach the minifig's head (and thus create the illusion of the Mii taking a bath). This means that, in theory, you could purchase a couple of these sets and build up your own apartment block!

Thanks to all for viewing; feel free to comment if you think the set is missing something. Now, let's get this project to 10000 supporters!


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