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Antique Box with Baoding Balls


This is an antique box with boading balls or relaxation balls as they are known. 

Ever since a trip abroad many years ago with my family we stumbled across a street seller who hand crafted wood boxes. These boxes were beautiful and of the highest quality. Many of these were too big to bring home with us so we left with only the memory wishing we had one. 

Over time I have looked for similar boxes but they do not exitlst, so I decided to build my own. 

This box has a taste of what I saw and what I love all rolled into one. This has given me the oppertunity to use some of my favourite colours (gold) and incorporate that into this design.

A box on it's own is ok, but I wanted to have something that was eye catching and different. The boarding balls were a great addition to this. I wanted to try and create a porcelain effect with blue and white as they traditionally come come in all materials and colours. Silver or chrome was an option however they are not available in the sizes needed. 

I think this is a great set for experienced builders and for people starting their Lego journey alike. There are some great parts and pieces here that are used in a way that creates something different and fun. 

Weather you would like a set to interact with or something to sit on your shelf. This works. Maybe in the living room as a practical but decorative piece, this is both different and eye catching in comfortable proportions.

This was made completely from used parts. 

Please let me know what you think and if you like, like. 

Thanks for your attention. Be.

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