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Blacktron YL-15 Scout

Yet another small space craft from our collection.

BYL15 is a one-man small Blacktron scouting craft.

It's a nibble and fast scout with powerful laser turret. The cannon is equipped with location device for precise action. The spaceship is also fitted with huge rocket engine, for those orbital chases.

The colors are classic Blacktron black and yellow. With just the perfect ratio between them (in my humble opinion - of course). The two big back bricks are a part of a hull of a speed boat released in 1991 in set no. 6679. No idea where I got the minifig - probably by some trade off with friends back in the 80's

I would love to see the classic Blacktron sets back in shops. Maybe we could start with a bit modest and small set like this one. 

If you like it please check my more modern set in black and gold.

Common! Let's get Blacktron back.

If you got so far here's a small bonus: Search the web for Boeing YL-15 and you will know where this awkward shape comes from.

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