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Lego City Baseball Staduim


Welcome to the Lego city baseball stadium. Full of cheers, strikouts, homeruns and popcorn. This is a mini model of a modern city baseball stadium full of little details all around the field.

The whole stadium is built into the ground for a real feel and the walls are made with brickwork so it looks as realistic as possible. You can enter it through one of the three entrances on the corners or the restauant on the back of the building. The stadium has two decks one built into the ground and a second built up into the grandstand. All the seats are connected by stairs and a breeze way behind the seats. the seats are made of white block at an angle or small triangles for the upper decks. The field has three bases and home base as well as the sand all the way around and the pitchers mound in the middle.

Other little details include a huge score board, foul poles, lights, trees outside, corner seats, a bullpen, entrances to upper decks through the stairs and a grand entrance with a clock tower above.

I think this would make a great lego set because of how cool it looks as a model and how realistic it is at a 1:1560 size scale. (approximate) It is really fun to build and little and big baseball and lego fans can build it.

Thanks for looking at my project. Please support and share this project. Thank you!

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