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Bat-ATV (All Terrain Vehicle)


Here’s the storyline:

“It’s 1968 and Bruce Wayne decides that he needs an extra vehicle to help control the villains of Gotham City. He contacts his friends at Gotham City Engineering and asks them to build him a new vehicle loosely based on the 1966 Batmobile but a major feature has to be its all-terrain capabilities.”

So I give you the Bat-ATV (All Terrain Vehicle)

Features included:

  1. Long range Batarang Launcher (on Launcher pod)
  2. Grappling hook launchers (on  Launcher pod)
  3. Smoke Launchers (on Launcher pod)
  4. Oil-slick rear dispensers
  5. Water Cannon
  6. Freeze ray (with optional ice)
  7. Front hydraulic ram
  8. Fully working independent suspension

I haven’t included any minifigures, I think we all know what they look like and I don’t want to distract from the design of the vehicle. I’m sure Lego can add them if they wish.

Please check out my 1966 TV Batmobile proposal as well, which includes the Batmobile, Batcopter and Batboat + Trailer.

Thanks for taking a look.

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