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Jaguar XK-SS (1957)


The Jaguar XK-SS is a classic sports car, built in 1957. It is the road-going version of the famous Jaguar D-Type racing car, which has won the prestigious 24 Hours of Le Mans three times. Originally it was planned to build 25 cars. But by a fire in the factory only 16 cars could be finished. In 2016, the missing 9 cars were built. My project shows the Jaguar XK-SS in front of an English phone booth. The driver is in the phone booth and makes a call. At the same moment a policeman comes by and looks at the beautiful Jaguar. The policeman is enthusiastic about the car because the Jaguar XK-SS is very rare.

The set consists of 711 bricks and contains 2 minifigures. Inside the car is space for 1 minifigure.

I created this set because I am a big fan of classic cars. And I think this set would be great for any fan of classic cars. If you like my set, please support it.

Thanks for your support!

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