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Castle Theme Inn


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A cozy place for our heroes to rest, eat and drink. A friendly environment where even the Wolfpack is welcomed. A place where the factions leave the conflicts between them and enjoy the fine food and beverage. You can rent a room for the night and rest or if you have the coin you can get a fine meal at the premium dining hall on the upper floor. Get warmed by the fireplace or relax under the great tree and chat with other knights. The inn also has a stable for the horses of our valiant heroes.

- Removable roofs and walls
- Two restrooms
- Stable
- Fireplace
- Two dining halls
- Tree
- Balconies
- 7 Minifigures
- 2153 pieces (excluding minifigures)

I felt like the original castle line is lacking a nice inn build other than the set 6067 which is nice but a small set. So I thought a medium-sized inn could fill that gap and made this "Castle Theme Inn". I hope you like and support it.

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