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Sega - Golden Axe

Golden Axe is a side-scrolling medieval fantasy video game created in 1989 by SEGA.

At the start of the game you choose your hero: Gilius Thunderhead - the battle-axe wielding dwarf, Ax Battler - the broad-sword wielding barbarian or Tyris Flare the long-sword wielding amazon.

The aim of the game is to progress past the hoards of evil bad guys including skeletons and heningers (the bad guy with the mace) as you run the gauntlet on your quest to defeat Death-Adder (the villain) and retrieve the Golden Axe.

Throughout your journey through the once peaceful land of Yuria, you encounter thieves with magic potions and dragons to help you on your quest. Each hero has their own type of magic to defeat their enemies (Earth. Fire and Lightning).

I created four of the iconic levels/scenes from Golden Axe each with their own villain (thief, skeleton, heninger and Death-Adder himself). In each scene I've tried to capture the essence of the game by re-creating the scenes as accurately as possible including the various settings and backgrounds of each level.

I loved playing Golden Axe growing up (a few years ago) on my Sega Mega-Drive and still enjoy re-living the experience. Golden Axe is a great iconic game and is loads and loads of fun to play.

I think this LEGO set has the potential to be not only a great set but also the start of a retro video game classics theme (now that would be awesome).

I really enjoyed making this Golden Axe LEGO set and I really hope you like it too!

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