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Azula's Fire Nation Tank from Avatar the Last Airbender


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This is a minifigure scale replica of the fire nation tank as seen in the beloved TV show Avatar the Last Airbender. It has lots of screen accurate design and playability functions. Fans of all ages will enjoy building, displaying, and using its many fun play features.

Includes exciting Avatar characters- Princess Azula, Firebender, and Katara

Rotate the turret hatch to blast fireballs at your enemies!

Tricky terrain is no problem with segmented wheels!

Knocked over? Simply rotate the cabin and keep fighting!

Remove the turret hatch for extra playability! There is plenty of room for Azula and the Firebender to sit.

Blast fireballs and lightning as Azula!

Defend yourself with a water whip as Katara!

Wield a deadly fire jet as the Fire Nation Soldier!

Recreate your favorite scenes from Avatar the Last Airbender with this set and add exciting new minifigures to your collection! 
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