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Safari Park: Minifigure-scale

The LEGO Safari Park is an all-brick Minifigure-scale model for intermediate builders. It is inspired by my children's love of animals and LEGO, two interests I share with them.

A Safari Park set would include at least one wild animal, a biome-specific habitat element, and park ranger and guest Minifigures. A larger set could also include a Safari SUV, a food stand, a viewing area, and a gated park entrance. It would be great if a portion of the profits could go to the World Wildlife Fund.

Below are set ideas for the Tropical Rainforest biome. As interest and support grow, I will upload pictures of different sets. Please comment and let me know which set ideas are your favorites and what you would like to see.

I built all the models in LEGO Digital Designer. For more pictures go to: Thanks for the comments and support!

Title Picture: A Bengal Tiger awaits Safari Park guests in the heart of the Rainforest.

Above: An elusive Jaguar, together with a melanistic variant - a Black Panther, lies in wait under the Rainforest canopy.

A Safari Park guest pauses to admire the endangered Malayan Sun Bear from atop a scenic Rainforest viewing area.

A set of colorful and exotic Macaws.

"Like, seeing all these animals sure does give me an appetite. How about we stop off at that food stand for a super-Shaggy sandwich?"

The Safari SUV seats a park ranger and 3 guests and comes with a camera and binoculars. For more pictures go to:

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