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The Kok-Tobe TV Tower [Alma-Ata TV Tower] is a television and radio broadcasting tower in Almaty, Kazakhstan, built in the period from 1975 to 1983. Commissioning of the facility: June 1, 1984. The cost of the order: 600 million rubles. The tower is the 2nd tallest freestanding structure in Kazakhstan and the 41st in the world (at the time of commissioning, the 9th in the world), as well as the 14th tallest TV tower in the world (at the time of commissioning, the 4th in the world). The tower is located below the top of the Kok-Tobe Mountain, southeast of the city center. Tower height: 371.5 m. Antenna mast height: 114 m. The height of the tower above sea level: 1452 m (together with the Kok-Tobe mountain). Weight of the structure: 7 thousand tons. Seismic resistance: 10 points.

The motive of his copy from the constructor was that I found out that LEGO had released a series of Architecture sets that greatly inspired me to create this TV tower. I decided to contribute my work in this direction and that's why I decided to contribute my work in this direction. Also, the fact that in my hometown there are such architectural structures that would fit perfectly into LEGO.

I think that my creation will be an excellent copy on the shelf of every lover of the LEGO ARCHITECTURE series. And therefore I hope for the full support of everyone who will vote for Kok-Tobe.

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