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Triple Monitor Gaming Setup & Chair

Every gamer needs a good setup. And as every gamer knows, RGB makes you PC / Console run faster and makes you a better gamer overall.
So I wanted to create a simple gaming setup that could easily be changed to another color if you have te parts (or this set could be released in different colors, perhaps in colors that matches Nintendo / Minecraft) . And a good gaming chair in the same color is part of that setup.

The design itself is fairly simple and small (58 parts). Ideal for a small cheap set or polybag!

I've also designed a mouse tile. That would be a great part to have, not only for this set but for all kinds of builds.

For the monitors I just chose some random decorated tiles and made the color Bright Light Blue. But these probably would be stickers with images of Mario/Nintendo games or Minecraft if the set is ever made by Lego.

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