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Lego Jigsaw


I grew up playing with Legos, and as an adult, I still enjoy this amazing toy especially now as I can play Legos with my 3 year old daughter. She loves Legos even though the small pieces are sometimes tricky for her.  She also loves jigsaw puzzles. A Lego and jigsaw puzzle combination is a great way for my daughter and I to work on the Legos together and she gets to play with the jigsaw puzzles afterwards.

Legos are so versatile, you can easily create any size puzzle with multiple design patterns. Like any good jigsaw puzzle, the puzzles shown here can only be put together one way, there are no repeating linking mechanisms. All of them have three layers, which makes them sturdy enough to pick up the pieces  and put them together, as a normal jigsaw puzzle.

I made the Hello Kitty and Minnie Mouse puzzles for my 3 year-old daughter. The last one is really three games in one. Once you put the Lego pieces together and solve the jigsaw puzzle, you can play with the labyrinth. This puzzle is designed to have a storage plate so you can pick up the labyrinth and guide a ball through it.

All of these were built with the Lego Digital Designer. All the models are right around 1,000 pieces.

Please vote for this project and leave comments to tell me what you would like changed or if you have ideas for other puzzles.

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