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Mandalorian gunship - Mark II

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This is a second version of the Mandalorian Gunship. The previous version was created with left-over bricks. This one has been build using the infinite number of virtual bricks in LDD. I added some nice features like opening hatches with cannons and rockets hidden behind them.

This one is stationed on the Star Wars Star Port

The above picture shows the mechanism that is hidden inside. Left is the open position and right is the closed position. Both cannons on the side as well as the rockets hatch on top appear or disappear when the wheel at the bottom is turned.

This second version also has a relatively large cargo bay. It has detailed piping and wiring inside. Six troopers plus a speeder can easily fit inside. Also a part of the mechanism can be seen.

A rear view showing the hammerhead and the wedge shaped aft end. Again one with closed hatches (right) and one with open hatches (left) showing it's teeth.

Another side view showing both open and closed hatches. If you look closely you'll see the wheel that can be turned to open or close the hatches simultaniously (on the bottom in the center of both gunships).

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