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Lego Speed Champions Custom Build #5


This is my fifth of six custom Lego Speed Champions race cars. This one isn't modeled after any car in particular, but I was thinking of a street car while building. It is also featured in my modern house. All of my custom models are built on a bare bones Speed Champions chassis, so they all have the wheel wells and tires to fit right in with the other official cars.

This model uses 205 bricks for the car and 124 bricks for victory lane, so only 329 bricks for everything including the minifigure. I know that the Speed Champions line is based on real cars, but what is Lego if you can't make your own?  This is why I have created my own unique designs. If you want to see more projects like this one then make sure to click that support button, share it with everyone you know, and follow it! Thank you all in advance and brick on!

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