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Forest Watchtower


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Welcome to the watchtower, one of many scattered throughout the lego forest region to ensure that is doesn’t burn, uh  …..melt….  down,  ….nevermind. This is inspired by a recent game I played and ended up enjoying more than I expected and although i have made changes the interior was designed to be more or less similar to what i have seen. My version involves four outer pillars and one central column holding this structure high enough off the ground to survey the area and the interior has a few more items packed in to fill the space.


Ground level - Leaving the characters till last let us move straight to the tower. At ground level we have some surrounding foliage/trees along with a little wildlife (Owl, rabbit, squirrel and a young deer), we have a nearby forest cache box to store any extra tools, information or items found in the forest. Next up we have an important little feature in the form of the water pressure system, providing the tower with clean fresh water straight from the tap, a real time saver rather than walking to ground level and filling up a bucket every time you need more water. Lastly is the all-important out house, just remember to close that door when your done or the squirrel or something bigger might make off with the paper rolls.


Work Corner - So it’s up the stairs we go, round and up to the main floor of the tower itself, from there it’s just one more corner to the door and here we are. First of all, you may want to close the door and hit that switch to turn on the power and make sure everything is working, after that we go round the room, starting with the desk which holds a radio and charging station, lamp, coffee mug and the always useful binoculars to survey the tree line for smoke, besides that there are documents above on the walls, an important notice or maybe just a local news sheet and a map of the local area as well as a clock (Probably broken) to help keep track of the time.

The Kitchen corner - Beside the desk are the boxes packed with extra food, tools, first aid and other essentials. Beside that we have the gas cooker and sink with nearby cleaning items and past this we have jars filled with jams, honey etc. Next up we have a water container (Or a big odd looking kettle if you like) for storing water in the event something goes wrong with the pressure and you have to go down there and haul water up by hand till you can fix it, above this we have shelves with even more food stuffs.


Tool shop corner - Containing every tool you might need to help maintain the watchtower and traverse the landscape under your watch, we have a fully stocked tool box, a hammer under the table and a water bucket nearby, on the table we have a hand held flashlight and bullhorn with a small fire extinguisher mounted in the corner. Above all this we have some extra rope, wrench and fire axe.


Recreation and sleeping corner - Beyond this we have more cupboards for storage, some drinks and a bookshelf with manuals and reading material to help pass the time, which brings us to the most important item for dealing with those long nights, a nice single bed with a bedside table and a storage chest for any personal belongings. Above the bed are the coloured flags (Just added this to give the walkway something, can always add a chair/table), you may have noticed the green one outside, you can use these to indicate the danger level of a fire, maybe an accident and your radio is down, it’s all up to you. Besides that, there is another notice or forest information and a shovel they obviously couldn’t store over in the tool corner.


Middle of the room - Now you have been all around the room it’s time to turn to the middle of it and to the most important job related item in the room, the fire finder and the storage space underneath for any tools, notebooks, logs and manuals needed to use it as well as somewhere for perhaps storing a spare first aid kit.


Roof – Fairly simple and nothing much to see, the overhanging roof panels over the walkway to keep you nice and dry and provide a little shade for sitting outside on a warm day, up on the roof itself we have the chimney and weather/radio signal enhancing antenna.


Characters – These are the possible personnel with random equipment and possible styles. From left to right we have the casual worker, here for another season away from the busy city and about to do a little maintenance work, next up is the experienced female hiker or lookout searching for drunken or lost campers or maybe investigating a smoke trail. Next up is the watchtower woodsman, happy to spend most of his time out here putting out the odd small fire or helping out as part of a team clearing an area to keep one from spreading. Next we have my closest attempt at a male and female Forest Ranger carrying a hand held flashlight, a bull horn and radios on hand to investigate any issues the towers can’t easily handle themselves and arrest/escort out any troublemakers. Lastly we have the experienced mountaineer out enjoying nature or maybe working part time in the tower and he’s just out getting the lay of the land.


NOTE: Minor issue - Included among all my images is one that shows the windows I have used, out of all the ones I tried these were the one that fit the overall look perfectly in my opinion, not too small not too big, but as shown in the picture they have a solid shutter style door (Only available for me in white, grey and red), I was unable to find a transparent window pane to fit and so all the windows have no ‘glass’ so to speak of, I don’t expect lego to make a new window pane just for this set but these windows really are the best looking out of all the ones I tried so you will probably have to settle for a very windy tower.


Well that’s all I can say about my second model, not sure if there are others out there but having done a few searches its clear everyone loves a completely different type of watchtower, thank you for reading and i hope you enjoyed it.

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