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Old Western Jail House

If you like cowboys, Sheriffs, and western thieves, then you'll like this Old Western Jail House!

I don't exactly know why I built this but I think its a good first idea.

The whole build consists of 550 pieces. There's three floors in the building, the first floor has two cells, and a desk for the Sheriff. The second floor has is the the Sheriffs quarters, it has one bed, one table, one bookshelf and one piano. And lastly, the roof.

Lego fans can make up their own version of what is going on.

if you want it to it can also act as a display.

The first floors cells has different furniture because I didn't have enough room. The cell on the left has one bed. The cell on the right has one toilet and sink. You can make the Sheriff do want ever you want in his quarters (eat, play the piano, read a book, or sleep).

I'm really exited to see what happens with this project.

Thanks for your support!

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