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Shiba Inu

A project for Lego fans and Dog lovers! 
This project includes 2 Shiba Inu dogs made with Lego bricks 🐕
I love Shiba Inus and think they're one of the cutest animals ever!
I really want a pair of Lego Shiba Inus in my home, and I think a lot of people would love the same ~
There are 2 coat colors included:
  •  Red shiba is the most iconic and commonly seen. Their fur is actually light brown and white colored, with the cute spots above their eyes almost like little eyebrows. Red shiba has also become center of multiple internet memes, including the iconic Doge.
  •  Black and tan shiba has a unique and cute fur pattern, with black fur around the eyes like a mask (reminds me of raccoons), and white fur near the chest, like collar of a tuxedo suit.
  •  Here I have the red shiba in standing pose, ready to do the zoomies, and the black shiba sitting and eager to play. Both have movable heads, so they can tilt they heads slightly for that cute curious look.
Fun facts about Shiba inu:
Shiba inu is a hunting dog breed originated from Japan. Study shown they may be the dog breed most genetically similar to wolves. This may explain why they are known to be wild and hard to tame, compared to other pet breeds. 

Model info:  Red / Black and tan
Size (WxLxH) : 25x 13x 20cm / 21.5x 10x 22cm
Part count: 738 / 632
Weight: 730g / 652g

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