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4½-Litre 1927-31 Bentley ‘Blower’


Model supported by Bentley Motors

At the end of 2020 I was given the incredible opportunity to visit Bentley in Crewe, and see their Bentley Blower in person. My tiny Lego Blower was photographed alongside the real car! 


Model shared in Autocar magazine- 09/01/2021

Thanks to the help of an amazing and friendly car journalist Steve Cropley, I've had my model featured for the second time in the Autocar magazine (6-13 January 2021 issue).

At the time of writing I am just over 500 votes away- incredible! and I thank everyone greatly for your support.



Updated Model Video

I have completed some changes to the model: adding a retractable rear seat cover, new mudguards, a small storage box, bonnet straps, a spare wheel and dark green wheel rims.

I have made a new short video to showcase the improved model...


Redesigning the mudguards...

I've had various feedback regarding the look of the mudguards, I'm now making ones that are much more substantial than the simple flexible technic beams previously used.


Project Trailer