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Grapple Skidder



This heavy vehicle is used to pull cut trees out of a forest. Here you will see a grapple skidder with a dual function boom. It means that you can adjust the boom in two directions.


Basic information:

  • Approx. dimensions:     48cm/18.9in x 28cm/11.0in x 24cm/9.5in (LxWxH)
  • Number of pieces:        1662


This grapple skidder has 4 manual functions. With the following switch settings and if you turn on the gear-wheel (at the top of the cabin) then the machine works.

       Function                                          switch 1 (cabin)     switch 2 (left)    switch 3 (right)

  1. boom => backwards / forwards          down                     back                  middle
  2. boom => up / down                            down                     front                  middle
  3. grapple => open / close                     down                     middle               front
  4. front blade => up / down                    up                         n/a                     n/a


Additional features:

  • spring-loaded front axle
  • 4-cylinder motor front wheel drive


If you want to build this vehicle, then follow the link to my site on mocpages:

(LDD-file looks not so good, because the balloon tiers are not available in the database. Therefore I used the biggest one that I found)

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