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Dragonfly DGN - 33 Armed Cargo Transpoter

I've seen a lot of Lego sets about aircraft and it inspired me to build my own aeronautic masterpiece with Lego. This aircraft may not look like your ordinary flying cargo hauler, that's because it's based on an interstellar aircraft concept. The 'Dragonfly' has got a small cargo compartment in the back and a protective swing door behind the giant gullwing doors. The door hinge for the gullwing is not the straightforward hinge but a combination of plate holders, upright holders and angular bricks. There is no space for an actual Lego minifigure to fit inside because it's not built to that scale. But according to seating which are already installed, it can accommodate about 5 people inside including 2 pilots.

  • Length - 24.5cm (9.6in)
  • Width - 14.3cm (5.6in)
  • Height - Doors opened - 8.3cm (3.2in) / Doors closed - 6.5cm (2.5in)
  • 215 pieces

This is my first submission to Lego Ideas, please support me. It would encourage me to build more. Comment on any errors or suggestions you have in your mind, I would appreciate it.

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