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Brickheadz: Labyrinth 35th Anniversary Sarah With Character Tower

2021 will mark the 35th anniversary of Jim Henson’s iconic film Labyrinth.
To accompany my Brickheadz Jareth (currently seeking support) I’ve created Sarah as well.

This particular set offers the opportunity to include some unique LEGO pieces available within.

  • A red book of “The Labyrinth” which she is introduced trying to remember lines from it before getting caught in the rain.

  • A clock face with 13 numbers.

  • Her music box, which could include a nano figure of her wearing the ball gown.

  • A printed owl face plate (though I do enjoy how the brickheadz eyes look). 

  • And my favorite piece, the worm. Does he know the way through the labyrinth? No, he’s just a worm.

I hope you’ll help support this build as well as my Jareth creation by raising the 10,000 votes needed to get this on shelves in time to celebrate the 35th anniversary of this amazing film.

Support! Share the link! Comment on what your favorite part is!

Thanks SO much for stopping by. 

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