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Ocean Life

This is the ocean! I have striven here to create an art piece of underwater life! And let me tell you, I had an absolute blast making it!

On the very bottom there are various coral, kelp, small animals and things like that. For this, even though all the animal and plant species might not actually ever all live together like in my build, I wanted it to be diverse and full of life. You'll have to use your imagination :D !

Then onto the water part. At the bottom we have a bubble vent coming from the floor and billowing up through the water till the bubbles pop at the surface. We also have some fish, and a giant, old whale with some barnacles on him.

Right above that we have a jelly fish, a sea turtle, and a manta ray. The manta ray was extremely difficult to build. It went through many phases and redesigns, and overall probably took half the build time of this entire thing!

Then we have some fish under the surface preparing to jump with their fellow comrades, the rest of whom are all above the surface, flying through the air!

At the back I also put a wall hanger so that this could be displayed on the wall or a shelf.

This turned out to be such an interesting art build, and I have never done anything like it. If you like it your support would mean so much to me!

Any comments are appreciated!

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