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Smith House of Richard Meier


The Smith House, built in 1967 in Connecticut, is one of the most representative work designed by Richard meier, the famous architector who led the avant-garde modern architecture movement of the 1960s.

From my point of view, the compact, geometric, prismatic shape with simple white colour of this house is very suitable for the lego brick construction. And I tried my best to restore the structure and layout of the whole building. The roof, third floor and the stair part can be seperated for further study.

The entire model building process is quite the same as constructing a real house——the layout defined first, and then window/ingress/stairs positioned and finally walls fulfilled brick by brick (although the real Smith House itself is built by wood not brick : P).

The scale of the model set compared with the real house, is more or less 1:55, and total set modified is combined with 2970 pcs.

The Smith House case is also a compulsory subject for every architecture student. Everyone has to design the plan by hand, and make a real model by the traditional way using wood, cardboard, or acrylic board. I hope this LEGO design set can also have some help for them: D.

Last but not the least, hope you could like it, and thanks in advance for your support!

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