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PCV (Planetary Cartography Vehicle)

The PCV is deployed to recently discovered planets to map and survey them. The ground unit is deployed to collect samples and specimens from the surface. The scout ship is used as air support for the ground unit and to search for new areas of interest on the planets surface. Once a new spot is agreed upon the PCV picks up the ground unit and drops it off there.
With a crew of four, this Explorer Class vehicle can determine whether a planet is suitable for colonization in just a couple of months!

The ground unit has a crew of three and two beds for sleeping in shifts. It attaches to the underside of the PCV with four magnets. It features two big side doors and back door/ramp for play access. Its tracks can pivot up and down about 10 degrees for traversing rough terrain. Each of the four sets can pivot independently. There is a small speeder bike in the back for short range scouting.

The scout ship studs onto the top of the PCV in five spots. It features opening engine covers.

The PCV features a three-person crew, magnets to attach the ground unit, opening rear engine covers and retractable landing gear, so it can land without the ground unit underneath.
It has six energy cannons under the nose. There are also weapons for the crew in the back of the cockpit in case they run into any fauna.

1684 parts (approx).

I built this hoping to create the ultimate Classic Space set. I hope other fans of Classic Space like it!
Please leave a comment if you like this or have ideas for improvements or questions about building techniques!

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