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Juventus Stadium (Turin, Italy)


Juventus FC Stadium (Turin, Italy)

uventus Stadium (Turin, Italy). Built on the ashes the Stadio delle Alpi, the Juventus Stadium is the first and only stadium in Serie A owned by your club: Juventus F.C.
The construction of the stadium lasted three years, including six months to demolish the old Stadio delle Alpi; through careful design strategy, the Turin plant is the first stage of eco-friendly in the world, because all the material result of the demolition of the old plant has been completely recycled and reused in the new construction site.
Moreover, it is the first Italian stage rollchair, in which the benches are positioned in the first file from the rostrum (typical characteristic of English stadiums).
41,000 seats inside the new stadium
7.5 meters between the front row from the field
49 meters between the last row of the stands and the field
86 meters above the height of the two steel flagpoles
4000 parking spaces available in the stadium
355 thousand square meters of the urban area by the stadium project
30 thousand square meters of green areas provided outside the stadium
150 thousand square meters area dedicated to parking and services
34 thousand square meters for the commercial to be built around the new stadium

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The project have a internal exit for supporters, home and away sectors.

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