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Mad Scientist's Mech


About This Project

This is the mad scientist's mech that he created in his lab. He uses it for many things from building large experiments to tracking down escaped creations. The mech comes with a custom experimental ray gun. The mech has a large control panel hidden in it's chest which the mad scientist can work out any bugs that may arise. The mech is also heavily armored in case he needs to go on a robot rampage through the city. The mech's cockpit holds one minifigure in it standing up. The mech has a sturdy build but, still has great articulation and is very pose able.

Play Features:

  • Waist and wrists spin 360 degrees.
  • Mech is very articulated and is very pose able.
  • Cockpit opens/closes for access inside.
  • Panel on chest opens/closes for access to large control panel.
  • Hands can hold ray gun or minifigure.


  • One experimental ray gun.
  • One mad scientist minifigure.

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