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Disney Pixar's Up


Disney Pixar's Up

"Adventure is out there!"


Up is the 10th 3D computer animated film by Pixar. Released in 2009, Up captured the minds and hearts of audiences wishing to go to their own great adventure. This is the story of Carl Fredricksen, a 78-year old widower. In his desire to keep his promise to his beloved wife, Ellie, Carl set out to go to the wilds of South America by tying his house to thousands of balloons and fly. On the way to his destination, Carl got an unexpected travel companion in Russell, a wilderness explorer. Together they journeyed to bring Carl’s house to Paradise Falls amidst the dangers of the wild.

This set hopes to inspire people to set out in their own adventures and more importantly, to create lifetime relationships in building and playing with it. Please support this model.

Thank you in advance for sharing this passion for building and adventure, this model won’t reach 10,000 votes without your support. 

Model Description

Dimension: 25.5 x 25.5 cm (32 x 32 stud)

Normal Height: 17 cm

Elevated Height (with balloons): 28 cm

Inspired by the Up house, this model was built with the intent to capture the form of the house in the movie and its major featuresIts exterior features include Ellie and Carl’s mailbox, the water hose, and the rooster wind vane. The interior includes, the painting of paradise falls above the fireplace, a picture frame of Ellie, their jar full of coins and their iconic chairs. The model also includes minifigures of Mr. Carl Fredrickson, Russell and Dug.  

This model can be displayed in two forms as featured in the film. It can be like a normal house that is placed on top of a base plate and it can be like the house that flew which is elevated and has balloons on top. The house can also be played with on its own for children and adults to enjoy. 

The model was built in the same scale as other Lego creator houses or Lego creator modulars sets. This could be a great addition to your own Lego community.

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