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National Park Vignette

While on our way to Lakeside Stories (another cool build), and hours of Baby Shark (another cool build), We visited national parks. National Parks are always the highlight of a road trip and it has had a profound impact on me. 

So I present to you, the national park vignette.

Features of the Build:
Yellowstone National Park (Old Faithful)
Arches National Park (Landscape Arch)
Redwoods National Park
Hawaii National Park (Somewhere in volcano [I think...])


Every 100 supporters I gain, I will build one new national park vignette for the team at LEGO to choose from. You can vote on which national park to build next in the comments. 

Why it should be a set

The National Parks set is something I have wanted to see for eons. Every single LEGO City and collector needs to add some terraining or some natural landmark and there hasn't been anything like it. 


If this becomes popular, there will be sequels such as a free standing Delicate Arch or Half Dome at Yosemite National Park

Thank you all!!! Make sure to check out Lakeside Stories and Baby Shark!!!

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