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Temperate Greenhouse

My take on a modern temperate greenhouse, taking inspiration from the Prince of Wales Conservatory in Kew Gardens, London and adding my own style onto it. I love visiting parks and gardens of all kinds, makes the day feel even more special, and being a fan of architecture I had to make this model.

This model contains 1652 pieces, 7 minifigures and a dog. The building can be taken apart, with the three middle sections opening up like a book on both sides, and the back/front parts can be very easily removed to show what's on the inside. On the front, the greenhouse is accessible through the main door and the garden surrounding the structure is packed with details, with lots of animals, insects, utensils and ponds.

As well as the main build, there's a small side build for the flower cart, which one of the three gardeners carries around. Throughout the inside, you'll explore a whole new world of plants, with many exotic examples and making very good use of many plant pieces (in lots of colors).

The Temperate Greenhouse is designed to fit into existing cities and displays, and is lots of fun for the whole family and adults to play with.

I think the iconic Temperate Greenhouse would be an excellent subject for a LEGO IDEAS set.
If you agree then I'd be more than grateful if you could support this model!

Thank you very much!

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