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The Museum of Modern Bricks


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So, this is my Museum of Modern Bricks. It should have a modern look and I thought of an iceberg at first – so every glass panel and the trans bricks were in trans light blue. But this looked too unhappy to me so I coloured some panels and some trans bricks and now I think it looks like a LEGO museum should look like.

In the museum there is an exhibition of how the space theme started in the early 80s. But there is also a lot of free space so everyone can place his ideas there – and honestly spoken I am not a good interior designer and also not an artist. The little boy is excited to get in, hopefully he is not disappointed about the limited bricks we had to deal with in those days.

If you are finnished with the visit take the glass elevator upstair to retire a little bit on the roof. It is for sure functional an you can fix it when it reaches the upper floor. Enjoy the view from up there or take a look at the stylized 1x1 brick and the exhibition inside. For sure you can take it off as a whole which you can also do with the glass roof where the five little benches are.

For sure the museum is built in Minifigure size because LEGO ist for the children to play with (and fort he dads to build it).

If you like the concept, thank you for your support!

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