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Rocket Truck


This is a Rocket Truck, a Rocket Truck is a truck that is capable of going really fast because of rockets. This vehicle would travel at over five hundred miles an hour just to get from point "A" to point "B" way faster.

I built this Rocket Truck to make use of some of the legos that you don't see any more on new lego sets and to make an epic looking lego truck. I honestly think this would be the best lego truck ever made. This truck would be able to fly over those annoying slow cars because of big side boosters that produce up lift. I think that if a car company could do this it would be the next big thing for all those fast drivers.

I beleve this would make an awsome lego set because it is the perfect thing for the kids. It can be a fast car on the ground or a fast car in the air, that way the annoying uncle that says cars don't fly can shut his mouth. It is also sturdy so they won't break it on accident from a fall. (I drop tested it and it mainly only would break over 15 feet) This truck would also make a great set to admire on a shelf since there are lots of small details.

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