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California's Legendary Pan-Pacific Auditorium


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The majestic Pan-Pacific Auditorium stood in Los Angeles, California from 1935 until it was destroyed by a fire in 1989. In its heyday its iconic Art-Deco design and spacious interior made it a fantastic location to hold automobile shows, political rallies and sporting events to entertain and wow the local population.Sadly, in 1972 a larger venue opened up in the area forcing the Pan-Pacific Auditorium to close and decay for the rest of its life, but it still lives on as an iconic building in the memories of countless people and to those who enter the various Disney theme parks that use the iconic spires in the design of their entrances.

The most notable event in the building's history came in 1980 when it was featured in the musical-film Xanadu. In the film a muse inspires a struggling artist and a musician turned construction mogul into purchasing the building and renovate into a nightclub roller-disco.  The film while a failure in theaters has gone on to become a cult classic, starring Olivia Newton-John and dance-legend Gene Kelly. 

The interior is meant to reflect the roller-disco of Xanadu, with a dance floor with DJ station, as well as a small refreshments bar and a check-in/skate rental station.  The high-bay/roof section is designed to lift off for easy access to the interior, as well the two smaller roofs over the stations.  Optional to the design is a "Xanadu" sign to mount on the roof over the exterior entryway. 

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