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The Hull Ripper


I stated building this model when I was redesigning a Lego set. I built the shell with actual parts then finished the model on LDD and rendered the images on On the top of the ship is 2 stud shooters. The inside of the ship contains control panels, a pilot's seat, and gunner's seat, and places for the mini-figs' weapons. Behind the gunner's seat is a crate holding extra studs for the stud shooters. Next to the crate is a full canister fuel. the model all so has two mini-figs. The engines are somewhat posable. The weapon that looks like a lightsaber is not. It is a cheap Mercury class Proton sword that can cut through very little and can barely deflect Pluto class weapons.

The Hull Riper is a space pirate attack shuttle. The Hull Riper is extremely fast do to its excessive number of engines. The Hull riper usually attacks the spaceships in groups of four. Its job is to disable the shields and open force entries for the boarding ship. When not attacking spaceships the Hull Riper is usually carried on board the main ship in the pirates' fleet.


Speed: Fast, 8 times the speed of light.

Weapons: Moderate, Mercury class dull heat cannon used for melting holes in the sides of ships so that the pirates can board and raid the ship.

Defenses: Low, direct hits form a mercury class weapon will destroy it. mostly doges and zips through enemy fire.

Fear and fight factor: Low, only ever accomplish is things in groups and never does much without a lager ship backing it up.

Part count: 233 pieces

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