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Wooden Owl

Hi everyone!
I'm was thinking that I should forget about LEGO Ideas because my latest projects have not been very popular, but I believe I should give it another try. So I'm submitting this new construction: The Wooden Owl.
Why is it called Wooden Owl when it's not really a wooden animal?
Well, in Poland, a lot of time ago, my grandfather gave me as a present a big wooden owl and, as long as owls are one of my favorite animals, I decided to build one and base it on my beloved wooden owl.
Is this going to be my last project?
Hope not.
Piece number, illegal techniques or new pieces?
This set is composed of 535 pieces, and it's only using legal techniques. There are no new pieces, but there's a new printing for the eyes.

Hope you like this, and thanks for reading my description!

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