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Batman Arkham Knight: The Mini Battle


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                              Welcome, brick people to my mini Arkham Knight project!!

  Become the Batman by supporting this miniature project. This project contains two detailed minifigures and it comes with two vehicles. The two minifigures are Batman(Arkham Knight) and The Arkham Knight. These minifigures were created by me and based on Batman Arkham Knight the video Game. Each minifigures has decals all over them, from the head to bottom. The Batman minifig has a double-sided face. In addition, The Arkham Knight minifigure does have a printed face but it’s to add the eyes on the minifig. The Arkham knight minifigure has the same batman helmet from 2012 but, mix with a blue transparent plastic. The ghosts from 2015 Minifigures series has done this type of mixture and it would be the first in Lego history to have that piece in that color mixture.

  The Arkham Knight Batmobile can move its wheels exactly like from the video game. The rims of the vehicle have printed decals, and this miniature model has two flick firig missiles. The Cloudburst can rotate the top of the tank in a full 360 degree. The tank doesn’t have any sticker, but it does have printed pieces. The tank can fit The Arkham knight Minifigure, and has one missile.


  Batman is trying to protect the Gotham City from the destructive Arkham Knight. Help Batman by sending in the Batmobile to the rescue, but watch out from the Cloudburst! End the evil reign of terror by firing the missiles to destroy the Cloudburst!

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