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Bionicle: Toa Gali Mata and Her Child, Toa Herbert Mata

Toa Gali Mata had her 5 brothers are, Toa Tahu Mata, Toa Lewa Mata, Toa Pohatu Mata, Toa Onua Mata, and Toa Kopaka Mata. Gali had her seventh member of the Toa Mata is Herbert, the second youngest member of his Tribe, Toa Mata. Herbert is the Toa Mata of Blue fire and he gets along with his Mother, Toa Gali Mata. Since he was born on October 7th, 2018. Just build a set, build 2 Toas are the Mother, Toa Gali Mata and the Child, Toa Herbert Mata, and show off to your family with love, hope, and happiness.

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