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The Secret Life of Walter Mitty


Walter Mitty is a guy who constantly dreams. Unfortunately, he also does so during the day. His daydreaming complicates his real life and causes countless embarrassing moments - when he begins to daydream, he does not realise what is happening around him - but he just cannot help himself. He finally takes his chances and experiences a real adventure.

This LEGO set is inspired by the great 2013 feature film “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” from the 20th Century Fox studio and with Ben Stiller in the starring role. The film was made based on the motifs of the world-famous short story of the same name, written by James Thurber in 1939.

The “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty - The Movie Edition” LEGO set has the dimensions of 32 x 24 pieces, and includes iconic moments from this motion picture, experienced in the interior and exterior of the Life magazine offices.

The LEGO set contains these scenes:
- The lift
- The interiors of the Life magazine offices
- A frozen mountain
- The office of the negative assets manager
- Exterior of the Life magazine building, where infamous photograph No. 25 was taken

The interiors of the Life magazine offices are decorated by the authentic posters of real Life magazine covers that were featured in the film. In the LEGO design, of course.

The LEGO set includes eight minifigures representing the seven main characters of the film, including the photojournalist and adventurer, Sean O’Connell. Plus, there is also the minifigure of Walter Mitty as the adventurer with the poetry falcon from the scene where he “Tests the limits of the human spirit...”.

And the quintessence of life is also included, that is, the iconic No. 25 shot, which is to be printed as the cover of the very last issue of Life magazine.

What scene from this iconic film would you like to recreate?

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