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The Bat Boat: Bane's Jewel Theft


Look out villains of Gotham, The Batman is here in his all new, battle equipped, Bat Boat! Hello to all of you viewing this project. This is my first Lego Idea's project. This project includes the Bat Boat, Banes jet ski, Nightwing's jet ski and Man Bat.

The bat boat has versatile weapons that can be launched as torpedoes under water or above the water as missiles.  At the front is a bat bomb can be fired at Batman's enemies.  On the tail is a clip for a batarang. Under the bat boat is a distress buoy which be can be detached.  Bane's jet ski has missiles which can be fired.  The set comes with four mini figures: Batman in an aqua suit, Bane, Nightwing and Man Bat.

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