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Groo the Wanderer and Rufferto

In 1982, Groo the Wanderer was created by Sergio Aragonés. Groo is a wandering swordsman who loves frays and food. Rufferto is Groo’s faithful dog. He loves nothing more than to follow his master around.
I love creating Brickheadz and I have recently gotten into reading the Groo the Wanderer comics, and have quite enjoyed them so I thought, “Why not make a Brickhead form of these two chaos and food-loving companions?” I think that these would be a really cool addition to the Brickheadz line. If you like the look of these two characters, I would definitely recommend that you check out the Groo the Wanderer comics. I hope you like these two Brickheadz, and hopefully they don’t leave a trail of chaos behind them like they do in the comics.          

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