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The Last Voyage

The Story

The year is 2035, the last Blacktron mission has been sent out to explore a new planet. the mission had 1 passenger, with an quad explorer. due to unfortunate events, the astronaut lost communication with Earth and since then the Blacktron team has never launched a space program again. But since then, that astronaut has been slowly working his way back home every time facing dangers and challenges along the way. 


Blacktron was an old space theme many know about, and like always its soon discontinued. just to bring back some old memories, in this new idea, blacktron has come back for one last time, and its now sporting white blue and black as its main colors. Since the theme never went any further, and i didn't have any neon green pieces, I decided to use some blue windshields.


I built this set kinda as a reminder of the past, and also because I really would like to see something of my own on shelves. 

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