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Silego - Nissan Silvia S13 Lego Style


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Welcome to RGBlocks - Presenting SiLego - Feast your eyes on the 1988 Nissan Silvia S13 made of Lego in Studio 2.0.

 (youtube link)

This is the first RGBlocks custom Speed Champion and may be made in real life some day .... I Based it on my actual dream car and it has a wide body kit and spoiler. My favourite part is the side skirts. I am quite happy with how it turned out and was a great exercise to test the Studio2.0 software. After rendering I already want to swap back to the traditional windscreen but this will do for now.

I made a mess of the Studio2.0 software and it looked much like the floor of a playroom so the part steps is not built into the file here. I have begun rendering a sequence of part assembly which should be done in 2 days at this rate haha once it is done I will upload it to youtube and embed it here.

A lil info about the channel; RGBlocks has put together some Lego Speed champions sets and has a Youtube channel with timelapse videos. Once I have enough speed champions cars I will be holding a speed champions championship... 16 of the fastest Lego Speed champions will go head to head in a Tournament to decide which car is the speediest champion..

Bricklink has provided access to Studio 2.0 so that custom builds can be played around with .... I look forward to my second build maybe if anyone has any suggestions they could comment some how

please check out the RGBlocks Youtube Channel and Subscribe.

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