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Tour of the Black Cat


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Introducing the Tour of the Black Cat!

Bring a touch of classy French sophistication to your home with the exquisite brick-built Tour of the Black Cat poster! Complete with detailed organic lettering, spiked tufts of fur, and delicate whiskers, this work of art is certain to turn heads and inspire awe. Allow your eye to be caught by the bold colors - deep inky black, rich lush red, and vibrant shocking yellow. Be drawn in by the captivating 3D layering of intricate lettering and textured fur, then lock eyes with the prideful cat whose haughty gaze follows you anywhere in the room.

The poster Tournée du Chat Noir was created in 1896 by the artist Theophile Steinlen to advertise the legendary cabaret establishment Le Chat Noir (meaning “The Black Cat” in French). The club’s illustrious founder and master of ceremonies Rodolphe Salis would showcase theatrical performances, variety shows, and shadow puppetry to people of all walks of life at his bohemian club in the Montmartre district of Paris. The shadow puppet shows proved particularly popular, and so Salis took the performance on tour and commissioned Steinlen to craft the poster to promote the show. Nearly 130 years later it is Steinlen’s most famous work, outliving the cabaret by a wide margin and eclipsing it in popularity. The image can be found in chic cafés, parisian tourist shops, and films such as Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

The Lego model contains approximately 2500 parts and measures 15.75in wide x 20.75in tall x 1.25in deep (or 39.9cm wide x 52.7cm tall x 3.2cm deep) - the same dimensions as 31209 The Amazing Spider-Man. It features hooks for mounting on a wall, so one can display it anywhere in the home. The model is constructed in a relief style, with the varied layers giving the cat lifelike shaping and the letters popping out to grab your attention. The eyes are set back from the face, creating the illusion that they track the viewer from any perspective.

If you are a connoisseur of classic French Art Nouveau, if you daydream of sipping espresso in stylish Parisian cafés, or if you simply like cats and unique brick-built home decor, this model is for you! Please support now and help reach 10,000 supporters!

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